Thursday, September 30, 2010

Logos 4 Mac

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

yoo hoo anyone here?

Welllll sorry it's been a while! I have been busy loving my life which is a poor excuse considering there have been so many fun things happening that need sharing! My adorable little house is coming together! I finished painting one of my spare bedroom's a pretty milk chocolate and am finally getting some stuff hung on the walls! It's pretty quaint and cozy and I'm in love with my yard. Last week 2 darling cadets stayed with me while they recovered from PRK (eye surgery) and it was a ball. They were certainly easy patients....they slept day and night! And they were great company!! I spend a LOT of time outside. My front yard has come together really well and I think I get more excited than I probably should when I pull up a dandelion by the stubborn root! Suzanne and I had a fun conversation on how quickly our priorities have changed in recent months. Forget spending money on a new shirt, I'm way more excited about getting my flower garden mulched. Makes me feel a little old, but very grateful!
With the start of school, I'm up at the Academy several days a week and I LOVE MY JOB! My team is amazing and the cadets are a blast! The Lord's sweetness brings me to tears! He is such an abundant giver and lover. I've met some new friends and am looking forward to plugging into a church. That's been a lesson in humility and grace so far. P.S. there is NO replicating Countryside. It just can't be done. So instead I'm trying to look for the good in each place I visit and hopefully will find a place to call home soon. Gotta run to prep for Bible study tomorrow! Did I mention I LOVE MY JOB?!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home Away From Home

Home. What a word packed with meaning and emotion! In case you've never heard the Steven Curtis Chapman song I so blatantly ripped my blog title from, "Not Home Yet" here are a bit of my favorite parts of the lyrics:
I know there'll be a moment
I know there'll be a place
Where we will see our Saviour
And fall in His embrace
So let us not grow weary
Or too content to stay
'Cause we are not home yet
I have to admit, I am not sure when I've felt so content and yet so full of hope for the future at the same time. I am LOVING my beautiful, little, old house. I have this amazing back yard with a swing that looks out over the mountains and when I sit out there early in the mornings with Bible and coffee in hand, I can hardly believe how gracious the Lord is to have given me something so sacred. Watching the sun hit Pike's Peak is absolutely glorious. Top that off with having the privilege to read the very words of the Creator who spoke this beauty into being and well, WOW! Through the blood of Jesus Christ, I get to intimately know and fall in love more deeply every day with the Creator! As much as the mountains enthrall me, I do find myself missing my family and my friends in Oklahoma and Texas. After all, His most glorious creations are His children and I do miss their beautiful reflections of our Jesus. I am blessed to have so many beloveds who mirror His image so well. Especially since I've never been very discerning. Call it happy go lucky or foolish, I've generally been the type to accept and trust easily. That little trait has probably gotten me into more pickles than out of, but this week the Lord so sweetly used my foolishness for good. Being the chatty kathy and perhaps naive new homeowner I am, I invited my two hippy plumbers in unafraid and boy was I blessed. The company owner is an incredible believer. He's been sober 22 years now and has a heart for the hurting. His assistant was a homeless man who became a believer a few years ago and though he now has a steady income and resources, he chooses to continue to live on the streets. He believes the Lord has placed him there for a reason and put a gypsy spirit within him to move around a lot so that he can share the Gospel with those that the rest of us turn away from.
Instantly that word meant so much more to me. There I was seated with these two beautiful souls, listening to their incredible stories, surrounded by sturdy walls that suddenly felt pretty meaningless. My cute little house will one day be a pile of ashes. These amazing men reminded me that I'd rather collect hearts for Jesus than things. So while I'm enjoying the blessing of such a great neighborhood and flowers and view, it's even better to be reminded that we truly are not home yet. "Keep on looking ahead. Let your heart not forget. We are not home yet."