Wednesday, August 18, 2010

yoo hoo anyone here?

Welllll sorry it's been a while! I have been busy loving my life which is a poor excuse considering there have been so many fun things happening that need sharing! My adorable little house is coming together! I finished painting one of my spare bedroom's a pretty milk chocolate and am finally getting some stuff hung on the walls! It's pretty quaint and cozy and I'm in love with my yard. Last week 2 darling cadets stayed with me while they recovered from PRK (eye surgery) and it was a ball. They were certainly easy patients....they slept day and night! And they were great company!! I spend a LOT of time outside. My front yard has come together really well and I think I get more excited than I probably should when I pull up a dandelion by the stubborn root! Suzanne and I had a fun conversation on how quickly our priorities have changed in recent months. Forget spending money on a new shirt, I'm way more excited about getting my flower garden mulched. Makes me feel a little old, but very grateful!
With the start of school, I'm up at the Academy several days a week and I LOVE MY JOB! My team is amazing and the cadets are a blast! The Lord's sweetness brings me to tears! He is such an abundant giver and lover. I've met some new friends and am looking forward to plugging into a church. That's been a lesson in humility and grace so far. P.S. there is NO replicating Countryside. It just can't be done. So instead I'm trying to look for the good in each place I visit and hopefully will find a place to call home soon. Gotta run to prep for Bible study tomorrow! Did I mention I LOVE MY JOB?!

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  1. Hi sweet friend - love hearing how God is blessing you to be a blessing! Love you!